sun stabbed the world upside-down c42, peasant magik

The False is a moment of the true (21:00)

The True is a moment of the false (21:00)

4 euros

"Following up a killer cdr on Pseudo Arcana, the French duo of Pierre Faure and Thierry Monnier return with over 40 minutes of expertly crafted, drifting guitar feedback. Ranging from Sunroof!-esque shimmering skree to glacial amplifier buzz." Peasant Magik

I just want to add that it was maybe recorded live in Lyon. Or Noyl. I can't remember. TM

"Using E-bows (probably) and sculpted feedback, this guitar-based drone duo from Grenoble, France have achieved a masterful balance between womblike bliss and disquietude. This is an understated and obscure gem. (...)" (read the rest of the review on

"Excellent new tape by this French duo with two long feedback guitar drones. Not as still as either the post-Metal stasisists or purist avantniks, so there are lots of surface molestations and event bubbles to keep things interesting. Which they are. Very." Byron Coley (The Wire #303, May 2009.)


Listen to a sample (The False is a moment of the true)