Mariachi s/t LP (doubt 18/nlm 28)

8 tracks: Fu/Mi, sans titre, Také, Parmentier, Vas, Chorée, Po, Le talon.

doubtfulsounds - no lagos musique - 2018 - 31’07”

Price: 14 euro + shipping. For every order, please send an email at doubtfulsounds1 at

Mariachi is Nina Garcia’s solo moniker. She’s a Parisian guitarist. Other projects of her are the bands Mamiedaragon and Qonicho B ! and duos with Maria Bertel or Augustin Bette. Matriachi’s LP has been recorded in Brasseries Atlas in Bruxelles with Frédéric Alstadt in march 2018.

One woman, one guitar, one pedal, one amp, one take and two sides! The first one improvised and the second as exercise in style. Nothing else to say, just listen!

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La Morte Young A Quiet - Earthquake Style LP / CD (doubt 17)

4 tracks: A Quiet - Earthquake Style (the heaven above) / Heavens Cover The Abyss (a solenel feeling) / Some Ghastly Fright (the heaven below) / Memory Awake (this world is not conclusion).

doubtfulsounds - 2018 - 38‘53“

Price: (LP) 14 euro + shipping. (CD) 10 euro + shipping. For every order, please send an email at doubtfulsounds1 at gmail

La Morte Young is a supergroup including the members of the bands Nappe, Sun Stabbed and Talweg. Their first studio album, released 5 years ago, has been acclaimed by some press and has also been tip of the tongue of the now defunct Volcanic tongue mailorder.

A Quiet – Earthquake Style is the second studio album by La Morte Young, recorded during a residency in november 2015 at GRIM in Marseille.

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France Sauvage Le monde des doigts LP (doubt16)

7 tracks: Rien de rien / V comme vipère / Nettoyer les insectes / Laisse-moi m'aimer / Sauce samouraï / Sept fois cheval / Désenvoûtement (Bandcamp)

doubtfulsounds - 2017 - 35’45”

Price: 10 euro + shipping. For every order, please send an email to doubtfulsounds1 at

Reissue of a cdr released in 2009 by the label Larsen commercial.

With France Sauvage every show is different and it’s also the case for the albums, and within the albums.

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Thierry Monnier Temps  Espace LP (doubt15)

2 tracks: Intermezzo / Interfluve

doubtfulsounds - 2017 - 37’31”

Price: 14 euro + shipping. For every order, please send an email at doubtfulsounds1 at gmail

Temps  Espace consists of two pieces of DIY “musique concrète”.

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Micro_Penis Schlim LP (doubt14)

9 tracks: Dèche / Fusée dans la mer / Harmonie municipale / Mamie Fanta / Carpenter nous fait pas peur / Grande randonnée / Répliques / Kommandant / U-Boat le périscope aveugle.

doubtfulsounds - 2016 - 43’55”

Price: 12 euro + shipping. For every order, send an email to doubtfulsounds1 at

Schlim (slime in alsatian dialect), Micro_penis’ third lp released by Doubtful Sounds, is the final instalment of a trilogy. This record is made from rare recording sessions, stretching in time from 2011 until 2015 at the N.E.M. Studio (Noise Ensemble of Mulhouse) located in the Mer Rouge building, Mulhouse, France. The name of the game, collectively agreed on, was that no band member could be chemically restrained. For a psychotic can only ever be himself freed from one’s treatment, thus expressing one’s inside kept insanity. Another rule stated that during each session, one would have to use a different instrument, be it acoustic or electronic, no matter wether mastered or not.

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Astatine — Ogrob Œil céleste 10” EP (doubt13)

6 untitled tracks (sample)

doubtfulsounds — 2016 — 20mn

Price : 12 euro + shipping. For every order, send an email to doubtfulsounds1 at

This record is the result of a collaboration between Astatine aka Stéphane Récrosio, head of the Orgasm label since 1994 and Ogrob aka Sébastien Borgo, member of Micro_pénis and L’Autopsie A Révélé Que La Mort Etait Due A L’Autopsie. 6 compositions, created in 2014, mixing Astatine’s noise experimentations in Paris and Ogrob’s field recordings and short waves in Sydney, Australia and Tasmania.

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La Morte Young / Drone Electric Lust split LP (doubt12 / aparec031 / dyslp3 / pica036 / killer013 / uatwm006)

2 tracks: La Morte Young “Cortex the killer” (sample) / Drone Electric Lust “Stjerneskuddenes natt”

doubtfulsounds / apartment records / dysmusie / pica disk / killer records / up against the wall, motherfuckers! —2015

Price : 17 euro + shipping (For every order, send an email to doubtfulsounds1 at

A split with La Morte Young and Drone Electric Lust.

File under psychedelic rock, experimental, drone.

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pali meursault offset lp, doubt11/ui019

8 tracks : Cycle 1 / Cycle 2 / Cycle 3 / Cycle 4 / Cycle 5 / Flux 1 / # / Flux 2

doubtfulsounds / universinternational - 2013 - 43'00"

Price : France 18 euro (postpaid) / Europe 19,50 (postpaid) / 21,50 euro (postpaid). For every order, send an email to doubtfulsounds1 at

offset is the exploration of the soundscape of a printing workshop, a journey in the depth of the mechanical and industrial energy of rotary presses.

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yong yandsen disillusion lp, doubt10

7 untitled tracks (sample)

doubtfulsounds - 2013 - 44’00”

Price : France 18 euro (postpaid) / Europe 19,50 (postpaid) / 21,50 euro (postpaid). For every order, send an email to doubtfulsounds1 at

Yong Yandsen is a musician from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He’s a member Emacm / SiCKL, collectives promoting avant-garde and experimental music and expressions in Malaysia.

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tms doubtful sounds from Aotearoa by tms 7", doubt09

2 tracks: Te-ika-a-Māui (MP3) / Te-waka-a-Māui

doubtfulsounds - 2012 - 7’13”

9 euro + postage

After a lathe cut related to Malaysia, here it’s Aotearoa. Cassette manipulation of some music from Aotearoa by tms.

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ogrob destroy noise jetset 1 & 2 6", doubt08

2 tracks: Der Lärm von Stephen O’Malley wird überbewertet (MP3) / Der Lärm von Keiji Haino wird überbewertet

doubtfulsounds - 2012 - 3’31”

8.50 euro + postage

With this lathe cut, Ogrob starts a series of 9 sound works called "Destroy noise jet set - Der Lärm von" … "wird überbewertet". Using the reference of an action of Joseph Beys to Marcel Duchamp (« Das Schweigen von Marcel Duchamp wird überbewertet », the silence of Marcel Duchamp is overrated), Ogrob deals with the starlets of experimental music and noise. Where it is the question of the servility of the medias, of the claim and objectivity of the so-called "specialists" in those areas. When the image of an artist is more important than the music itself, when there is a unanimity for an artist, do we have to be suspicious? First concerned artists: Stephen O’Malley and Keiji Haino.

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micro_penis tolvek lp, doubt07

15 tracks : Evil Dead / Schnaka schlim / Sagesse asiatique / Kolossal abschluss / Berlusconi / Encore Noël / Elle avait du sang dans la culotte / Cocorico (poulet mort sur tas de fumier) / Professionnels / Chimio / Molto safto / Kami Fak'r / Ein fustiger traum / Glory holes / Lorsque la lune est pleine je le sens vraiment

doubtfulsounds - 2011 - 34'00"

Price: France €16 euro (postpaid) / Europe €17.50 (postpaid) / Rest of the world €19.50 (postpaid.)

"You who enter here, give up any hope"

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sun stabbed des lumières, des ombres, des figures lp, doubt06

4 tracks : La terre avec ses bruits (sample, MP3) / Ce petit monde en dérive / La fin, on l’a devinée (sample, MP3) / Les sociétés secrètes et leurs agissements

doubtfulsounds - 2011 - 34'07"

Sun Stabbed is a guitar duo formed at Grenoble in 2005. “Des lumières, des ombres, des figures” is the first LP of the band resulted from the first private session that has been recorded.

Format: 12 inches black vinyl. The cover is a photo by Pierre-Olivier Arnaud. Mastering by Aigle noir. Limited to 300 copies.

Price: France €16 euro (postpaid) / Europe €17.50 (postpaid) / Rest of the world €19.50 (postpaid.) Special offer with the Sun Stabbed 7" + €3.

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tms bunyi-bunyi sangsidari kl oleh tms 7", doubt05

2 tracks: sebuah teksi yang sesat di dalam trafik yang mendadak (MP3) / keretapi pantast ke lapangan terbang – 6:21

Doubtful sounds from KL (Malaysia) by tms (Thierry Monnier). Cassette manipulations of field recordings.

Transparent 7" cut on polycarbonate plastic by Peter King. Limited to 30 copies. Sold out.

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pumice s/t 10", doubt04

3 tracks: Fool fool fool moon / Head high tackle / The screaming heap – 20:10

Some time ago, I got a message from Stefan Neville about this record: "I been workin on some recording for you. some dumb punk slop and some tape loop soup and a pretty love song." I couldn't describe the record better. It's maybe the end of an era for Pumice with his 8 track pushed to its maximum limits and dying soon after these recordings were finished. So the result is maybe one of the noisier Pumice records to date... with a pretty love song. Recorded in june 2009 in Sandringham, Auckland, NZ. And mixed in january 2010 at Mainz.

Black vinyl packed in black paper silkscreened by Cotoreich, with 2 postcards. Artwork by Stefan Neville. Mastering by Aigle noir. Limited to 500 copies.

France: €13 postpaid / Europe: €14.50 postpaid / World: €15.50 postpaid.

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micro_penis lp, doubt03

10 tracks: Ouvrez !!! / Cowboy Revolver / Helikoptr / Horrifils / Western Far West / Kurtz / Arch lager (entrepôt) / Äffe Théâtre / Tzouli Mouli Bouli / Projet Clausewitz – 36:40

Sold out!

Micro_Penis is a band from Mulhouse, France with Sébastien Borgo (Sun Plexus 2, l’Autopsie a révélé que la mort était due à l’autopsie, Ogrob, French doctor, ...), Alexandre Kittel (Rosetta Stone), François Heyer (Patz) and Claude Spenlehauer (Myself, Hell's Gate, Hit the dog.) This first album recorded between 2006 and 2008 sees Micro_Penis making the most of their mental defiencies. Escaped from the mental hospital of Rouffach in South Alsace, they scream, they growl, the strait jacket is never far away. Like a modern variation of "Ritual feast of the libido" by Cromagnon it is for lovers of Horror movies, art brut, and cruelty.

Black vinyl packed in black paper silkscreened on both sides by Cotoreich, with 1 sticker and 4 postcards. Artwork by Ogrob, mastering by Aigle Noir. Limited to 300 copies.

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cawa-sorix bat 7", doubt02

5 tracks: 50000 au thompson (MP3, 4:12) / Un procès au cul (MP3, 2:02) / Maman ? (MP3, 0:13) / Pierre Pasqua (MP3, 2:31) / Méta-reggae (MP3, 2:39) – 11:19

Cassette to cassette works by Cawa-Sorix, cut-up, raw sound poetry, noise is what we can find in this disc.

Transparent 7'' cut on polycarbonate plastic by Peter King. Limited to 80 copies. €8 + postage.

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sun stabbed s/t 7", doubt01

Side A. De l'ambiance sonore dans une construction plus étendue (5:42)

Side B. Toute l'eau de la mer ne pourrait pas... (4:32)

France : €6 postpaid / Europe: €8.50 postpaid / World: €9.50 postpaid.

Two different live cuts from 2006 of the guitar duo Sun stabbed (Pierre Faure and Thierry Monnier). One was recorded in an empty big space, playing for an exhibition at St Etienne. The live was recorded out of the room by Christian Malfray of Nappe, while he was drinking a beer. So the music is made of guitars and ambiant noise with people, animals and cars. An ambiant drony track made with guitar feedback and effects. The other selection, was directly taken from the mixing board of the Sonic at Lyon. Here, it was more nervous, noisier and lo-fi. All of this is well wrapped in a thick white paper, silkscreened by cotoreich. Limited to 300 copies.

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releases on other labels

v/a inner ends of the coils 2×cd-r, nothing out there

16 tracks (1 track by Sun Stabbed), €12.


sun stabbed the world upside-down c42, peasant magik

2 tracks, €4.

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sun stabbed radio cd-r, seedy r!

3 tracks, €7.

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klangmutationen liturgie cd-r, dreamsheep records

1 track, €5.

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